Aluminum Clad Steel Single Wire LB

Aluminum Clad Steel Single Wire LB



The aluminum-clad steel wire takes the high strength round steel wire as the wire core and is evenly and continuously covered with a layer of aluminum on the outside, and then after the synchronous deformation of the duplex metal, it becomes a type of composite material of steel and aluminum. The aluminum-clad steel wire has many advantages, such as high tensile strength, high electrical conductivity, and strong corrosion-resistance, etc., and is widely applied to the field of communication, electric power transmission, as well as the manufacture of the corrosion-resistant metal net, rack, line, column and so on.


resistance 20℃(Ωmm
Range of line diameter(mm)
LB14Conductivity of lACS AS.wire is 14%0.12321.24- 4.00
LB20- AConductivity of lACS AS.wire is 20.3%,class A ClassA0.08481.24- 5.50
LB20- BConductivity of lACS AS.wire is 20.3%,class B0.08481.24- 5.50
LB23Conductivity of lACS AS.wire is 23%0.0752.50- 5.00
LB27Conductivity of IACS AS.wire is 27%0.063862.50- 5.00
LB30Conductivity of lACSAS.wireiS 30%0.057472.50- 5.00
LB35Conductivity of lACSAS.wireiS 35%0.04932.50- 5.00
LB40Conductivity of IACSAS.wireiS 40%0.04312.50- 5.00

ModeGradeNominal diameter (mm)Tensile strength (Mpa)Resistivity 20℃ (Ωmm2/m)Aluminum layer ratioMinimum aluminum thicknessNominal density g/cm3 at 20℃ 
1.24- 3.001590123.1513%5% of the radius7.14
3.00- 3.501520
3.50- 4.101450
4.10- 4.801400
LB20A1.24- 3.25134084.825%<1.80mm, 8% of the radius; ≥ 1.80mm, 10% of the radius. 6.59
3.25- 3.451310
3.45- 3.651270
3.65- 3.951250
3.95- 4.101210
4.10- 4.401180
4.40- 4.601140
4.60- 4.751100
4.75- 5.501070
LB20B1.24- 5.5013206.53
2.50- 5.00122074.9630%11% of the radius6.27
LB272.50- 5.00108063.8637%14% of the radius5.91
LB302.50- 5.0088057.4743%15% of the radius5.61
LB402.50- 5.0068043.162%25% of the radius4.64


Aluminum Clad Steel Single Wire LB


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