Optical Fiber

SDGI's SMF single mode fiber can ensure the best performance in the 1310nm and 1550nm windows (including the L-band of 1565-1625nm), and minimize the dispersion in the 1310nm working window. SDGI single-mode optical fiber is suitable for optical cable products of all structures, such as loose tube type, tight sleeve type, ribbon, and central tube type. And in use, it is compatible with optical fibers produced by other processes. SDGI single-mode fiber can be widely used in high-speed, long-distance transmission, such as long-distance communications, trunk lines, cable television, and loop feeder networks.
All of SDGI's optical fiber products use a unique double-layer UV-curing acrylate coating process, which will ensure the reliability and durability of the optical fiber and provide the best performance even in the harshest environment. The performance of SDGI single-mode fiber meets and is better than ITU-TG 652B, IEC60793-2-50B.1.1, and other optical fiber technical specifications. In order to make it more convenient for customers, stricter standards have been formulated for various indicators of optical fiber products. If you want to know the discount price of single mode fiber, please contact us.