TDE-4213K Wireless Router

WiFi6 Gigabit dual-band router supports the 6th generation wireless technology, 2T2R dual-band concurrent, and the maximum wireless rate of the entire machine supports 3000Mbps. Fastest, low-latency, large-capacity, and safer. The product can cover most broadband application scenarios and provide high-speed and reliable data transmission services. In addition, the product is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi, full Gigabit network port, and high-gain antenna. It is flexible to use, quick to deploy, and adapts to the network requirements of multiple scenarios.

TDE-4316C Wireless Router

TDE-4316C is a dual band gigabit WiFi 6 wireless router that supports the new generation WiFi 6 standard in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual frequency bands. Compared to the previous generation WiFi 5 standard router, the wireless speed is increased by 50%. WiFi6 (802.11ax) effectively reduces packet loss and retransmission rates through a better Long OFDM symbol transmission mechanism, making transmission more stable. When transmiting over medium to long distances or multiple obstacles, multipath effects are more pronounced, reducing inter carrier interference and efectively enhancing data signal transmission, thereby increasing the effective coverage range of WiFi.TDE-4316C increases the number of communication wireless terminals by up to 8 times compared to traditional WiFi5 routers.significantly improving the average transmission rate of each user, significantly reducing average network latency, and significantly improving network efficiency. TDE-4316C supports BSS color codes, and each router only competes with routers with the same BSS color code for channel resources, effectively alleviating the problem of same channel interference backoff in multi routing scenarios, improving spectrum resource utilization, and improving the communication efficiency of the entire network.